restart network RHEL 8/Almalinux 8

You can restart the network on RHEL 8 as follows: nmcli networking off; nmcli networking on To restart NetworkManager service sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager To restart an individual network interface, you can use the following (where eth0 is the interface name) ifdown eth0; ifup eth0

Make CSF work with OpenVPN

To make CSF work with OpenVPN, you’ll need to create extra iptable rules. We do that by adding them to nano /etc/csf/ If the file does not exist, you can create it. If it already exists, you should append to it. iptables -A FORWARD -m state –state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT iptables -A FORWARD -s …

How to replace cPanel server main IP

  This is for CentOS/RHEL based servers. Steps in WHM: Log into WHM and go to Basic cPanel & WHM Setup Change the Primary IP here with the option that says “The IP address (only one address) that will be used for setting up shared IP virtual hosts“ Note: This might not actually be necessary. Log …

is already an active IP (cPanel /WHM)

Solving WHM Add a New IP Address error: Skipping .. already added.   If you recently changed server main IP, make sure to update this file with the new main IP: /var/cpanel/mainip   And make sure the IP is not mentioned in this file: /etc/ips Then try again.