OpenVPN Route Private traffic only (OpenVPN Server on linux)

You can route specific subnet via OpenVPN and the rest of the traffic will be routed to the default PC gateway. Note: this is valid on OpenVPN installations on Linux that have been installed using this installation script:   Open OpenVPN server.conf file: /etc/openvpn/server.conf Remove or comment out the following lines: push “dhcp-option DNS …

Convert Windows Server 2019 Evaluation to Retail

To convert your windows server 2019 from Evaluation to Retail, use the following PowerShell command: DISM /Online /Set-Edition:ServerStandard /ProductKey:N69G4-B89J2-4G8F4-WWYCC-J464C /AcceptEula   For no restart prompt after the conversation, please use the following command: DISM /NoRestart /Online /Set-Edition:ServerStandard /ProductKey:N69G4-B89J2-4G8F4-WWYCC-J464C /AcceptEula

Enable RDP Firewall rules and disable RDP NLA from PowerShell Windows Server 2016/2019

By default, you might find RDP firewall rules disabled which prevent RDP connections to the server. To enable preset firewall rules of RemoteDesktop, use the following PowerShell command: Enable-NetFirewallRule -DisplayGroup ‘Remote Desktop’ or from CMD, append powershell.exe in the beginning: powershell.exe Enable-NetFirewallRule -DisplayGroup ‘Remote Desktop’   To disable RDP Network Level Authentication (NLA), use the …

restart network RHEL 8/Almalinux 8

You can restart the network on RHEL 8 as follows: nmcli networking off; nmcli networking on To restart NetworkManager service sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager To restart an individual network interface, you can use the following (where eth0 is the interface name) ifdown eth0; ifup eth0

Make CSF work with OpenVPN

To make CSF work with OpenVPN, you’ll need to create extra iptable rules. We do that by adding them to nano /etc/csf/ If the file does not exist, you can create it. If it already exists, you should append to it. iptables -A FORWARD -m state –state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT iptables -A FORWARD -s …