is already an active IP (cPanel /WHM)

Solving WHM Add a New IP Address error: Skipping .. already added.   If you recently changed server main IP, make sure to update this file with the new main IP: /var/cpanel/mainip   And make sure the IP is not mentioned in this file: /etc/ips Then try again.

find&replace text with bash on CENTOS/RHEL

You can find and replace text on one or multiple file at once using sed RHEL command   sed -i ‘s/TEXT-TO-FIND/REPLACE-WITH/g’ filename.txt   Find and replace text on multiple files with .txt extention sed -i ‘s/TEXT-TO-FIND/REPLACE-WITH/g’ *.txt Replace TEXT-TO-FIND and REPLACE-WITH with the text you’re looking for and its replacment Example:  sed -i ‘s/thursday/friday/g’ weekdays.txt The …

Run SSL on localhost for windows

Anyone running a recent Linux distribution is probably already OK, because they get the curl libraries bundled in through their package managers and recent curl libraries come with the latest CA root certificate bundle from This means you can just turn CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER on and you won’t get any errors. For a PHP installation that …

add wp-cli to cageFS

Login to your server as root. Install wp-cli as stated here: After installing WP-CLI Open file: /etc/cagefs/conf.d/wpcli.cfg using: $ nano /etc/cagefs/conf.d/wpcli.cfg Add the following content to that file and save. [wp-cli] comment=wp-cli paths=/usr/local/bin/wp And then run: $ cagefsctl –force-update Now all users who have SSH access can use wp-cli.

How to turn off windows Update (windows 10)

To turn off windows update in windows 10 follow these steps: 1. Open Start menu, then click Settings (the gear icon on left corner) 2. On search bar, search for “Administrative Tools” and click on it. 3. Double-Click on “Services” 4. Look for a service called “Windows Update” and Right-click and “Properties”. 5. Change “Startup …