Install Nginx on CentOS using YUM

To install Nginx web server using YUM on CentOS or Ubuntu. Click here and choose the Pre-Built Packages for your OS. Copy the pre-built package (RPM) link and then open your SSH and type: rpm -Uvh

Add IP address to CentOS Server

To add newly assigned IP addresses from SSH, follow this procedure: Open SSH and go to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ # cd  /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ Verify which interface you will use to add IP addresses. Typically, this will be eth0 for public IP addresses. # cat ifcfg-eth0

How to control wget over SSH

Hello , in this tutorial we will talking about controlling “wget” command in SSH like Resume download , limit the download speed , start in background and more … Limit the Speed : if you want to Limit the download speed to not consume the whole uplink speed : # wget –limit-rate=100k  

Sorry, a group for that username already exists

when you see this error message in your WHM panel when you are creating a new account or transferring an account from remote server you should add/remove the user manually by the following SSH commands : # useradd username # userdel username of course you can use “# userdel username” directly .